Types of Insulation


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Types of Insulation

The technology of building is constantly evolving and with it, so is the insulation industry. Chey Insulation excels at choosing the right insulation for the uniqueness of each commercial and residential project. We remain abreast of the latest insulating materials and technologies to ensure our customers are offered the most effective insulation solutions in the industry.  

Our relationship with the most well-known and respected brands enables us to select the highest quality products while taking great care to ensure that every installation follows the manufacturer’s specifications while meeting state and local building codes.

Spray Foam Insulation

Ignition/Thermal Barriers

Cellulose Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

Mineral Fiber Insulation

Rigid Insulation


Spray Foam Insulation

Permax 1.8 & 2.0 (closed-cell spray foam by Henry Company)
This superior spray-in-place insulation foam provides significant benefits to the home-owner over traditional insulating materials, including a dramatic improvement in energy efficiency, increased structural integrity, greater comfort, healthier air, and a quieter environment.

Permax 0.5 (open-cell spray foam by Henry Company)
Foam insulation can be applied by a professional using special equipment to meter, mix, and spray the foam into place. Polyicynene is an open-celled foam. Polyisocyanurate and polyurethane are closed-cell foams. In general, open-celled foam allows water vapor to move through the material more easily than closed-cell foam. However, open-celled foams usually have a lower R-value for a given thickness compared to closed-cell foams. So, some of the closed-cell foams are able to provide a greater R-value where space is limited.

Permax 1.8 Technical Data Sheet

Permax 2.0 Technical Data Sheet

Permax Open Cell Data Sheet

Ignition/Thermal Barriers

Contego International
Contego PFB is a full-bodied latex, single component coating designed to protect a wide range of building materials including structural steel, aluminum, dimensional lumber, manufactured wood products, trusses, drywall, spray polyurethane foam insulation, HDPE wall panels, concrete, plaster, solid core doors and more.

DC 315 for Permax
Certified Warnock Hersey listed and rated product which has passed certified testing for both the (UL-1715) 15 minute Thermal Barrier and the NFPA 286 (AC-377 standards) as an Ignition Barrier.

Contego Technical Data Sheet

DC 315  Technical Data Sheet

Cellulose - Benotherm by Benolec

Benotherm Technical Data Sheet

Beno-Therm is one of the very few leading all borat materials available to the insulation industry which is composed exclusively of environmentally safe products. Beno-Therm has superior R factor, excellent coverage along with superior thermal and sound proofing products. It is very economical, has high fire resistance and is a non-irritant material. The cellulose can be blown into attics and walls of existing structures.

Fiberglass by Owens Corning

Owens  Corning Technical Data Sheet

Chey Insulation uses Owens Corning's high quality products. Special care is taken to insure that the fiberglass is installed to manufacture's specifications and that the installation meets all state and local building codes

Mineral Fiber by Roxul

Comfort Batt Technical Data Sheet

Stone wool (or mineral wool) was discovered on the islands of Hawaii at the beginning of the century. It occurs there naturally as a byproduct of volcanic activity. In its manufactured state, stone wool combines the power of rock with the characteristics of typical insulation wool. And, thanks to its non-directional fiber orientation, it also exhibits some unique and valuable characteristics.

AFB  Technical Data Sheet

Safe-N-Sound  Technical Data Sheet

Rigid Insulation

Fire Rated Technical Data Sheet

Polyisocyanurate 1”, 1.5” & 2” (please inquire for other sizes)
Foil faced rigid insulation & rated to be left exposed


Foil Faced  Technical Data Sheet